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The mystic and healing Aquamarine Stone:  

Are you scrolling through the internet to find a genuine Aquamarine Stone Online? Well, you have reached the right place! IROC Gems and Jewelry is an online store that sells Aquamarine Stones, Opal Gemstones, Birthstone Rings, and many more. 

We have an expansive collection of precious gemstone jewelry with elaborate detailing and unique designs. All our jewelry pieces can be worn on special occasions or as part of your daily outfit. If you are thinking about purchasing an Aquamarine Stone, then here are some things you need to know

Aquamarine Stone: What is it?

Aquamarine is a gemstone that has been around for thousands of years. It is known for its water-like appearance and was thought to bestow health, happiness, and other virtues upon the wearer. 

  • Aquamarine stone is a transparent to translucent blue beryl mineral, prized by jewelry manufacturers and collectors alike for its sea-like colour. 
  • Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for those born in March, making it an excellent gift for young girls and women born during this month. 
  • Aquamarine is beryl from the same family as emerald, morganite and heliodor and similar stones. It gets its blue colour because it contains both iron and chromium, and the colour ranges from light blue to dark green. 

The symbolic importance of Aquamarine stone crystal:

  • In Western cultures, "Aquamarine stone crystal" is the name of a stone whose colour typically tends toward sea-blue. It is commonly used in jewelry in modern times because of its lovely shades and value. Because of this gemstone's oceanic and marine connotations, it carries a certain amount of mysticism and folklore about it as well. Legends abound about using Aquamarine for sailors and travellers to protect them from harm during their ventures at sea.
  • Aquamarine is a gemstone with two faces. On the one hand, it has the energy of both self-assertion and change, making it easy for you to express fresh and innovative looks. On the other hand, Aquamarine is soothing, giving it pleasantness that goes with any look you're planning to wear to work. 
  • As per Greek mythology, the Aquamarine stone is said to be washed onto the shore after the sirens living in the chasms accidentally lost it from their treasure chests. The Greek God, Neptune, regarded it as a holy stone and always preserved it with him while in the ocean. Apart from this, the Aquamarine stone is considered a healing stone as it can bring relief to problems. This angular gem, which is made from semi-precious neptunite, comes from a mine in East Africa and can cure physical stresses and tension - relaxing muscles, bones and nerves. That's why it's called an elixir for stress.

Where is it found?

In the past, most people believed the best aquamarines were only found in Brazil and South America. Today, however, it is evident that they are mined worldwide on almost every continent. Some of the countries that mine Aquamarine stone crystals include Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Russia. 

The blue hue of the aquamarine stone crystal that makes these stones so sought after is due to its amount of iron impurities. These days aquamarine stones can be found most commonly in a faceted gemstone or as a cabochon where its facets appear like cat's eyes (also known as asterism). Still, they can also be cut as tablets or ovals like gemstones from ancient times were often cut.

The benefits of wearing an Aquamarine Gemstone

An Aquamarine gemstone has several benefits for the wearer. Some of the significant benefits are: 

  • The birthstone for those born under the sign of Pisces, Aquamarine is utilized as a unique gemstone to help bring its wearer closer to the Heavens. Wearing an Aquamarine stone and its aesthetic bliss and power to develop one's character helps balance the energy one feels within their mind and the surrounding universe. 
  • It brings physical and mental benefits through freedom from stress through positive change while encouraging kindness, love and peace within the bearer's soul.
  • Aquamarine is a soothing stone that works wonders for people prone to emotional situations. By working with the holistic properties of Aquamarine, an individual can easily regulate their emotional state, particularly in those times when one is prone to mood swings or anxiety. Anyone who finds themselves in a high-pressure situation can find some calm with the help of Aquamarine. 
  • Aquamarine stone's healing energies provide you with a sense of clarity and steadily end the pain that lingers because of past events. These energies of Aquamarine also promote truthful communication and resolve issues with others by settlement through negotiations or other alternative dispute resolution instruments.
  • Like most other stones associated with the sea, it's an excellent stone for those individuals who want love and security - like those that want a solid, lasting relationship. Suppose communication within relationships seems to sadly be an issue for you, blessed by Neptune's powers as it is. In that case, this beautiful gemstone will make it easy to express your feelings and put across whatever it is that needs to be said. 

Where to buy aquamarine stone? 

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