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The Distinct Charm of Opal

Opals are truly unique, having their language just like snowflakes. Opals are prized for their distinctive play of colour, a rare gemstone from Ethiopia; it has various colours, shapes, and sizes. Compared to other gemstones, opals are incredibly unusual and often require special care and attention. Unlike many gems, each stone is unique with its own story to tell!

Ethiopian Opal is an exotic stone with multiple colors mined in Ethiopia. Unlike most gemstones, it is classified as a mineraloid rather than a mineral because it does not have a crystalline structure. Let us know more about this classy gemstone here: 

The Symbolic Meaning of Opal Beads

  • Opals have been traditionally thought to be a stone of luck, and it is also associated with fame, mystery, and allure. Wearing an opal brings about all types of success in the wearer's life, whether in fields like business or love.
  • It was believed to offer protection against sorcery and evil spirits long ago. 
  • It also is known due to its healing properties. An opal will attract many people because of its beauty and radiance - but few will have its sparkle because there's no easy way to find one without its amazing properties.

The Properties of Opals: Black Opal Beads, Ethiopian Opal, Ethiopian Welo Opal

Opals are typically formed over millions of years during periods rich in water. The Ethiopian Opal is no different from other opals except for the geological makeup of the land in which it was formed -- which is volcanic ash after a series of volcanoes erupted, killing many living and non-living creatures alike. 

Furthermore, these eruptions left behind a mixture of silicon dioxide and water, which began to crystallize into what we see today as black opals or hydrophane opals.

  • Ethiopian opals, however, form due to the volcanic activity; these form in nodules within the volcanic ash in between rhyolite bounds. Hydrophane opals occur when a solution made from silicon dioxide and water becomes an opal only after drying or being boiled into an amorphous solid form. 
  • Black opals are chemically similar to common opals; however, they differ because the carbon 'bubbles' evolve intertwined through natural strain while the stone is buried underground.

The Source of Opals 

A large part of the world's Opal, whether Ethiopian Opal or Ethiopian Welo opal supply comes from Australia. In 2006 Australia produced around 95% of all Opal mined internationally and exported about 90%. Other significant sources include Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

Black Opal is a type of precious Opal that occurs in Ethiopia. They are mined from Welo Opals Mine, Ethiopia and other locations in the country. They come in various colours like white Opal, Black Opal, Blue Opal and fire opal. 

What are The Benefits of Wearing Opal Beads? 

Individuals wear opals as jewelry. One can wear it in the form of opal beads necklace, ring, pendant, and more. Opal has been associated with various properties throughout history - the stone itself held value as a gem long before its decorative potential was realized. 

  • Whether it is Ethiopian Welo opal, Black Opal, or Ethiopian Opal, Opal comes with healing properties. Opal is a gemstone that enhances an individual's imagination and helps them develop their artistic abilities more fully. 
  • A person wearing Opal is believed to become more prosperous than most people, and in addition, it has the power to bring about peace, joy and harmony when worn by a person with good intent. 
  • Opal calls forth positive energies and bathes those who wear it in its warm radiance, thus bringing about optimum health for all who wear this magnificently glowing stone. 
  • The Opal promotes good fortune to persons with pleasing personalities, bringing out the best in them because of its gentle nurturing energy.

How do I Know if an Opal is Genuine? 

Today, many places provide opal beads wholesale, Ethiopian opal beads, and more. It is important to understand the differences between real Opal and artificial synthetics. Genuine solid opals will have an irregularity – curved or bumpy due to their natural formation –. In contrast, an artificial stone will be perfectly flat because the two sections are flattened so they can be glued together. 

  • Authentic solid opals have an uneven surface because they develop due to host rock that contains silica, iron oxide, aluminium oxide, and water which creates a combination of amorphous (non-crystalline) silica gel and quartz forms.
  • Synthetic opals have a flat surface and are created by adding aluminosilicate glass spheres with trace amounts of titania into gel mediums. To determine whether or not your stone is artificial or genuine, look for bumpy irregularities along its surface. 
  • Be careful if the stone is set in jewellery as you may not be able to see its backside or even view that it is a doublet etc. 

Note: A good way to ensure you are paying for quality goods is by purchasing from sellers who have certificates of authenticity and offer guarantees against fakes to rest assured you're getting a genuine product at a good price!

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