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Emerald 11.8x7.5mm rectangle facet 4.69 cts A grade
Emerald 13.3x10.3mm rectangle facet 6.5 cts
Emerald 14x9mm Oval facet 5.25 cts A grade
Emerald 16x12mm Oval facet 8.3 cts AA grade
Raw emerald 10mm round rosecut 3.0 cts
Raw emerald 14mm round rosecut 7.1 cts
Raw emerald 14x14mm  Cushion rosecut  7.3cts
Raw emerald 16x12mm Pear rosecut 11.3 cts
Raw emerald 20x8mm pear rosecut 5.14 cts
Raw emerald 24x18mm round rosecut 15.8cts
Raw emerald 25x10mm  Oval rosecut  8.3cts
Raw emerald 33x13mm Pear rosecut 16.45 cts
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