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Red garnet 6x4mm oval cut 0.54 cts
Red garnet 6x5mm oval cut 0.78 cts
Red garnet 7x5mm oval cab 1.15 ct
Red garnet 7x5mm oval cut 0.91 cts
Red garnet 8x6mm oval checkerboard cut 1.29 cts
Red garnet 8x6mm oval cut 1.44 cts
African Amethyst oval Gemstone Silver Ring
Amazonite Oval Bezel 12x40mm connector
Amethyst oval 10x15mm cabochon 35.6 cts
Amethyst oval 10x8mm cabochon 29.2 cts
Amethyst oval 15x20mm cabochon 17 cts
Aqua Chalcedony 12x10mm Oval 925 Sterling Silver hoop earrings 5.45 gms
Aqua chalcedony oval bezel silver ring
Aqua Chalcedony Oval Gemstone Bezel Bracelet
Aqua chalcedony oval rose cut flat back gemstone
Aquamarine 17x14x9mm oval facet 13.20 cts
Aquamarine 6x4mm oval facet 7.10 cts
Black druzy 14x10mm oval 5.25 cts
Black onyx 10x14 mm oval rose cut flat back wt. 4.8ct  gemstone
Black onyx 11X24 mm oval rose cut flat back wt 1.3ct  gemstone
Black onyx 13x18mm oval rose cut flat back 7.6 ct gemstone
Black onyx 17x12mm oval cabochon 20.0 cts
Black onyx 30x23mm oval cabochon 23.0 cts
Black onyx 8x18mm oval rose cut flat back wt. 5.75 ct  gemstone
Black onyx 9x11 mm oval rose cut flat back wt. 3.4ct  gemstone
Black opal 10x8mm oval cabochon
Black opal 13.5x9.5mm oval cabochon
Black opal 4x3mm oval cabochon
Black opal 5x3mm oval cabochon
Black opal 5x4mm oval cabochon
Black opal 6x4mm oval cabochon
Black opal 7x5mm oval cabochon
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