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Showing 1 to 32 of 50 (2 Pages)

The Incredible Garnet Gemstone: A Stone With a lustrous Shine

A famous stone among collectors, The Garnet Gemstone is mined from an ever-growing list of locations worldwide. This gem is one of the more common stones on today's market, and its abundance has created a demand for lower prices compared to other gemstones. 

You might think this lovely stone resembles a ruby in its colour pattern, but genuine Garnet isn't comprised of corundum or any other common minerals. However, both gems offer entirely different – if equally stunning – hues. Wearing the stone can give one strength, making the right amount of wear more beneficial! Let us find out about the stunning garnet gemstone here:

The Symbolic Meaning of a Garnet Stone:

Garnet Gemstone is the birthstone for January, and it's also a symbol of love. This gemstone is associated with life force, blood and passion, and it enhances love and joy and has the properties of protection and strength. 

  • Garnet promotes overall balance by helping one be less stressed and calmer by encouraging unconditional love for oneself and others. Garnet helps restore balance in anyone who wears it and protects all those close to them. 
  • It garners strength in everyone around you so that they're not so easily disturbed, especially when going through an emotionally trying time. Additionally, Garnet acts as a powerful energy source.

The Distinct Properties of a Garnet Gemstone:

Garnets have been worn since ancient times and are known for their glossy glow and various colours. The most common type of Garnet is red, green, or brown; it can often be found alongside yellow shades (which are visible when the stone glints against the light) and with green banding.

A Garnet stone refers to many different types of minerals: uvarovite, grossular, almandine, Mozambique, pyrope andradite, spessartine, and more. 

The source of Raw Garnet stone

Garnet stones often form through intense heat and pressure in volcanic environments, and this can cause the stone to turn a beautiful array of colours. The Garnet appears as a deep red, transparent gemstone when found in its purest form. 

Geologists discovered that Garnets are commonly found with granites and other silicate rocks, which can tell them about the temperature and pressure under the rock formations. They are seen in India, Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia, South America, the United States, and Madagascar. 

How to "Buy Garnet Gemstone" That is Genuine? 

Natural Garnet jewelry is a beautiful stone that comes with a high value. There are all kinds of colours to choose from, ranging from deep dark red, green hues and more. However, natural stones can be difficult to source and aren't the easiest to obtain. 

  • Lab-grown Garnets are natural stones that have been replicated and re-crafted to be 100% in line with the original chemicals, physical structure and texture. However, they can be a bit too perfect and easy to note as false. While this doesn't affect the stone's value very much, you need to know about it because imperfection is another factor that helps identify a rock as accurate in terms of quality and value. 
  • Synthetic Garnets will burn when exposed to boiling water due to their lower melting point. So, by all means, if something feels too good to be true when you're out shopping or buying a gemstone, chances are it is! 
  • Natural stones have a ragged appearance compared to artificial ones, which feel rough instead – you'll see this difference right away if you pay close attention.

The Quality Factors of a Garnet Gemstone: 

When deciding which gemstone to buy, look at how natural gemstones mirror human emotions. Pure precious gems such as Garnet are often used in jewelry and are cut depending on whether they are meant to be an ornament. 

Garnets come in all shapes, sizes, and shades, and they may also include artificial elements such as metal settings to bring out their best properties. 

  • When given the option of Garnets, you shouldn't only consider their colour as some rarer gems have many attractive colours. It is essential to focus on clarity and affordability when buying Garnet gemstone. 
  • Thus, when deciding which Garnet to buy, make sure that it is affordable, has a high clarity level, and is cut in a size that will fit easily onto your piercing.

Can I Wear a Raw Garnet stone? Will It Benefit Me?

If you're going through a plateau in your life, we may have the answer! 

  • Garnet stone is one of the most potent talismans and has been used for centuries as a practical accessory to attract positive things.
  • If looking to make a change in life, Garnet can give you the extra magic you need to embark on this new journey. It works well with manifestation, but it also brings luck in all aspects of life. 
  • Garnet also provides a chance in all aspects of life, including romance and prosperity, and promotes self-love. The Garnet stone assures you to live a comfortable, wholesome, and balanced life! So, get one now!

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